Target Recalls Children’s Water Bead Activity Kits Due to Ingestion and Choking Hazards

A water bead activity kit is being voluntarily recalled over concerns about ingestion, choking, and obstruction hazards.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Buffalo Games LLC, based in Buffalo, New York, announced a voluntary recall Thursday for approximately 52,000 Chuckle & Roar Ultimate Water Beads Activity Kits.

The water beads are designed to expand when in contact with water and can be dangerous if ingested. If swallowed, the beads can grow, potentially causing intestinal obstruction, CPSP said in a release.

The agency said Buffalo Games received a report in July that a 10-month-old died after swallowing these water beads in Wisconsin. A 9-month-old in Maine was seriously injured in November last year and needed surgery due to an intestinal obstruction caused by the water beads.

Target said it stopped selling the activity kits in November last year and that customers should return the product and contact Target for a full refund.

"Consumers should immediately stop using and take away the recalled water beads from children," CPSC said in its release. It said consumers can also contact Buffalo Games for instructions on how to return the product in a prepaid mailing package supplied by the manufacturer.

One mother told CBS News about dangers of a different water bead set. Las Vegas resident Elissa Byer said her 18-month-old son, James, accidentally inhaled one of the beads last summer that was made by the same company. The bead expanded and obstructed his left lung, endangering his life, she said.

That set has not been recalled. Buffalo Games has not provided any comments on either product.

"You know, we brought these products into our home, thinking that they were safe, thinking that they were educational, thinking that they were a great sensory toy and that they were safe. Who would have thought they would get aspirated into a lung, you know, and grow?" said Byer.

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